In addition to direct appointments, AHR is regularly involved in OJEU and public sector compliant procurement initiatives. Our position with a number of established formal frameworks enables easier, quicker and cheaper procurement routes for our clients.

The utilisation of established public sector frameworks allows access to our services, through efficient OJEU compliant routes, without the need for costly tendering processes. 

A selection of our current framework solutions are provided below. Please contact us for further information or a general discussion about how we can fulfil your project requirements. 

You can download our Appoint Us guide to learn more about the range of frameworks and procurement routes available across all of our services and sectors, nationally and regionally, including via direct award.

  • NHS SBS Framework

  • A “one-stop shop” public sector framework allowing direct appointment of architecture, surveying, PD and engineering services across the UK. 

    The framework is being run by the NHS Shared Business Services (SBS), a joint venture between the Department of Health and private sector firm Steria.

    This multi-million pound framework is available for use by any public sector body including NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Central Government, Education and Blue Light.

    In Scotland NHS Health Boards are excluded but all other public service bodies can utilise this framework.

  • Procure Partnerships Framework Professional Services

  • Open to all public sector bodies across the UK, with no fee to access the framework. AHR can be appointed for architectural services across all 11 regions throughout England and Wales, as well as for building surveying services across North West, Yorkshire, South East and South West. The Framework can be used for Design and Build, or Build Only projects, with two-stage mini-competition, single-stage competitive tender, or direct award.


  • AHR is appointed on CCS DPS, the framework enables public sector organisations and central government across the UK to procure consultancy expertise for professional and technical construction services.

    Services offered through this DPS will include, but are not limited to project management, cost management, engineering, for example civil, structural, electrical, architectural and design services (design of buildings, spaces and infrastructure), environmental and sustainability services, for example: carbon neutral efficiencies which will help you to achieve carbon neutral

  • LHC South West Housing Construction Consultancy Framework (H1)

  • AHR is appointed on the LHC South West Housing Construction Consultancy Framework (H1) for the Combined services lots across the region, supplying multi-disciplinary services, covering RIBA stages 0-7.

    This framework assists the government’s target of building 300,000 homes every year. The framework supports the provision of new build housing projects, including, housing, bungalows, flats, apartments, sheltered accommodation, care homes, student accommodation and associated works, and includes a provision for land purchase.
  • South East Wales Technical and Professional Services (SEWTAPS) Framework
  • AHR has been appointed on two lots of Cardiff Council's South East Wales Technical and Professional Services (SEWTAPS) Framework.
    These lots are: Lot 1 Multidisciplinary and Lot 10 Masterplanning & Urban Design.

    The four year framework is open to all Public Sector organisations to use for the full range of technical and professional services. We can be appointed by Direct Award or Mini-Competition.


  • South East Consortium Consultancy Services Framework

  • AHR is appointed on Lot 6 Architecture of the South East Consortium (SEC) Consultancy Services Framework. AHR can be appointed via Direct Award or Mini-Competition for architectural services across all areas of London and the South East. The South East Consortium (SEC) framework is open to all UK public sector bodies. 

  • Network Rail Project Delivery Services Framework

  • The Network Rail Project Delivery Services Framework is aimed at Building Services, Structural Design Services, Project Management Services, Cost Consultancy Services and Architect Services. It is split into 6 lots which are available for a contract term of 3 years.

    AHR can be called off under the following: Lot 6 Architects (Projects). This includes Architectural Services (Med to larger scale requirements) > £100k on Network Rail owned property including stations, development sites, railway arches for retail, office and commercial use.

  • WPA Construction Consultancy Wales Framework (H1 WS1)
  • AHR is appointed on the WPA Construction Consultancy Wales Framework (H1 WS1) for the Combined Services lots across all regions - South, Mid and North Wales, supplying multi-disciplinary services, to cover the full range of RIBA stages 0-7.

    The framework supports building projects from site find, survey and feasibility through to design, project management and completion across Wales.

    AHR is able to be appointed via direct award or mini competition and this framework is suitable for use by all publically funded bodies throughout Wales, fully compliant with all Welsh, UK and European Public Procurement regulations.
  • CLEAR Futures
  • CLEAR Futures is a procurement and delivery framework that is used for developing long-term solutions to sustainability challenges and presents an effective way to combine and co-ordinate resources between the public and private sectors.

    AHR is a supplier on the Tier 2 Consultants Supply Chain Pool to CLEAR Futures, with the Energy and Sustainability Partnership covering architecture, civil and structural design, mechanical and electrical design, interior design, sustainability advisor, landscape architecture/design, acoustics and planning.

    CLEAR Futures is open to all UK public sector bodies.

  • YORconsult2

  • AHR hold positions on the architectural, multi-disciplinary and building surveying ‘lots’ for this framework. AHR has been through a rigorous tender process, using a combination of price and quality measures.

    YORconsult2 provides a vehicle for virtually any public-sector organisation, including charities, to procure professional services for construction projects across the North East of England, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

  • Re:allies Framework
  • Re:allies is a not-for-profit national partnership that provides smart procurement and asset management for social housing landlords, covering over 30% of social housing in the UK.

    AHR is appointed on the specialist consultancy services framework on four lots: Lot 3 Stock Condition and Building Surveyor, Lot 4 Principal Designer, Lot 6 Architectural Services and Lot 11 Multidisciplinary Services.

  • Bloom
  • AHR is an accredited Bloom supplier so any member or associate member of the North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO) can request a quotation for our services via Bloom for architectural services.

    Bloom is the delivery partner to NEPO, providing an efficient and EU compliant route for its members and associate members, Bloom is a neutral vendor of professional services and consultancy; delivering outcome focussed procurement that drives value for money for the tax payer.
  • EN:Procure Consultancy Services Framework

  • A public sector framework allowing direct appointment of multidisciplinary, building surveying, architectural, principal designer and employer’s agent/QS services.

    AHR can be appointed in the Yorkshire and Humberside and North West regions either through further competition or direct award.

  • CAPPS Framework

  • The CAPPS Framework has been procured by Manchester City Council for their use and for other public sector organisations.

    AHR is appointed on three Architectural Design Lots of The CAPPS Framework: Lot 1 Commercial and Office Buildings, Lot 3 Education Buildings and Lot 4 Cultural and Leisure Projects.

    AHR can be appointed directly or via mini competition for services across all 8 RIBA stages.

  • Awards Successes

  • We are proud of our award-winning and shortlisted projects throughout 2020 and 2021. Even with all the challenges the year has given us, our teams have continued to create fantastic work across the region and beyond for our clients. We're pleased that so many of our projects have been recognised for awards.